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The Engineering and Manufacturing Company of ISFAHANDAMA was established in 1990 with the aim of building and producing heating and cooling and air conditioning systems.

The first productions of ISFAHANDAMA Company were released in 1991. In 1995, with the aim of developing activities, the construction of the main building of the company began, and in 1996, its production line was put into operation, and since the same year, the manufacturing and production work of orders began in this plant.

The Company's Future Goals and Strategies

At the time of the construction of the Isfahan refinery, all the required facilities were purchased from American companies, while now the same facilities are being produced entirely in-house.

Considering that refineries, petrochemicals and industries are the main customers of Isfahan Dama Company, this company intends to contribute to the development of the country’s self-sufficiency, especially in industry, by expanding and improving its activities, and by presenting its capabilities to industries. Domestically, save the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

Isfahan Dama Company, based on the goals of the 20-year vision document of the country, has the increase of capacity and variety of products in its agenda to have an active presence in markets outside the country and has already prepared the ground for presence in regional markets.

Export of lawyer services is one of the main programs of Isfahan Dama Company. At present, the products of this company are installed and operated in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we hope to contribute to meeting the needs of the region by developing the sales market.

message from head manger

In a world where science and technology are advancing rapidly and increasingly towards excellence and improving the quality of human life, and human thought is realized in the shadow of science, expertise and modern technologies, we decided to be a part of the needs of our society today.

Isfahan Dama Company, with its up-to-date knowledge and up-to-date equipment and specialists committed to its community and diligent and diligent personnel, benefiting from the opinions and opinions of its employees and buyers with annual innovations and improving the quality of products, has been able to establish itself in Iran’s air conditioning industry.

It is hoped that God willing, by continuing the efforts of each of our colleagues and hard-working staff, we will be able to share in the self-sufficiency of dear Iran.

After Sales Service

One of the main pillars of Isfahan Dama Company is after-sales service, which includes all the services that are provided to dear customers after the sale of the devices. These services include warranty, upgrade or repair of devices and will be provided for life after the end of the warranty period.

The company tries to take effective steps to retain customers and increase their satisfaction by providing timely and correct after-sales services.

Certificates and Standards

The application of international standards in the products of Isfahan dama Company has caused the name of this company to be included in the vendor list of ministries, because the most important condition for using a product in industries (oil, gas and petrochemicals) whose production processes are very important. , Is the standard of the product.

Quality control methods in Isfahan Temperature Company are based on the international standard policy of ISO.

By strictly applying this policy, the company has received ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certification from JAS-ANS, ISC Australia and NACI (KQR) (Iran Certification Center) of Iran. Its management companies have tried to use technical specifications and reference standards such as CTI, AMCA, ASHRAE,… in their products, which are recognized as valid technical references around the world.

Isfahan Dama Company is a member of the Installation Industry Association, Isfahan Engineering Services Association, Isfahan Building Engineering System Organization and Industrial Managers Association.

Certificates of appreciation for the best entrepreneur from Isfahan Governor’s Office and the Ministry of Labor, exemplary employer from the Social Security Organization, Veteran and Innovator on Engineering Day Are the ones that Isfahan Dama Company has received.

Commodity Exports

Export of services and goods is one of the main programs of Isfahan Dama Company, so that the production equipment of this company has been installed and operated in Afghanistan and Iraq for many years.