Certificates and Standards

The application of international standards in the products of Isfahan dama Company has caused the name of this company to be included in the vendor list of ministries, because the most important condition for using a product in industries (oil, gas and petrochemicals) whose production processes are very important. , Is the standard of the product.

Quality control methods in Isfahan Temperature Company are based on the international standard policy of ISO.

By strictly applying this policy, the company has received ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certification from JAS-ANS, ISC Australia and NACI (KQR) (Iran Certification Center) of Iran. Its management companies have tried to use technical specifications and reference standards such as CTI, AMCA, ASHRAE,… in their products, which are recognized as valid technical references around the world.

Isfahan Dama Company is a member of the Installation Industry Association, Isfahan Engineering Services Association, Isfahan Building Engineering System Organization and Industrial Managers Association.

Certificates of appreciation for the best entrepreneur from Isfahan Governor’s Office and the Ministry of Labor, exemplary employer from the Social Security Organization, Veteran and Innovator on Engineering Day Are the ones that Isfahan Dama Company has received.